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Chair/Workplace Massage

Chair/Workplace Massage


One of the main contributors to our everyday stress is our workplace.  It costs employers billions of dollars a year on lost productivity and healthcare costs. So, more and more employers are recognizing that a regular massage can reduce the physical and mental effects of stress, thus reducing burnout and stress related diseases.


How much good can really happen in ten, fifteen or even twenty minutes?  The answer turns out to be: A LOT! Studies have shown that the brain begins to recharge in just a few minutes. And with just the right touch, tired muscles feel rejuvenated right away.


Rested workers are relaxed and ready to get down to business. In addition, massage puts them in a good mood – the better to engage with customers or do whatever they do – and leaves them feeling quite upbeat about your company.


The Benefits/Advantages of Chair/Workplace Massage


The benefits of this type of massage quickly outweigh the concerns.


Paying for Chair/Workplace Massage

Payment can be handled in one of three ways:


1.  The company pays:  It allows employees to forget about whether or not they can afford the massage, and it makes the boss/company look great.  I can provide you with options to incorporate massage into your workplace wellness program. Consider an ongoing program to achieve long term results or an event package for special occasions or promotions.


2.  Everyone pays separately: Also a quite popular method.



$1 per minute [10 minute minimum]


Minimum guarantee of $75 for on-site visit.

Additional charge may be added for travel expense.


3.  Free: Sometimes availabe for events, health fairs, promotions for free if I'm able to bring my marketing material.


Consider taking a "stress recess" ... a few minutes from your workday to relax and recharge your body, mind and spirit!  Call 860 478-7036 to discuss.